LOOKING AT THE SUN by Raine Carosin


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I had to be creative or go crazy, so I decided to do them both... Plus use some of what sense I have left, and here's the result! It's the roughest recording, I'm sure, but with all the glitz and glamour, I thought some downright honest representation of the real me without special effects would make a pleasant change... Guess that's the crazy part! Anyways, here it is, and if you wanna see the video that show my inspirators, then go here to youtube: youtu.be/HHO9Vs3RJws


As I made up the song as I went along, I haven't written down any lyrics as yet, but one day, I'm sure I'll get there, and then, hopefully, I shall remember to jot them down for you - but the vocals seem to be kinda clear... I've always wanted to hold a concert in that circle, before they filled the then dried up pond with soil and planted the beautiful garden... :-}


released October 9, 2014
Flowers and Creation in general! And of course, the Creator of Everything!



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